Hi ya’ll!!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog. I am so excited!! I am not new to the blogging world but I am new to WordPress. So any tips or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!

I am going to dedicate this post to telling you a little about myself! My name is Keiliah (pronounced Kee-luh) I know, complicated. We will save the origin of my name for another post! I am 25 years old and I live in Bowling Green, Ky. I live with my long time boyfriend (6 years) Matthew in a little 800 square foot house. We are hoping to buy soon! I need more room for DIY! And an excuse to buy more furniture to redo. Literally we have no more room for furniture and currently have a baby changing table in our living room that I plan on making into a bar cart. But there is currently no where to put the bar cart haha! More ROOM PLEASE!!! Matthew is my rock and keeps me grounded. I honestly think he is the only person in this world who can put up with my crap. We both equally drive each other crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I have the best family a girl could ask for. My parents and grandparents live a short 20 min drive from me and my sister is here in Bowling Green with me!! She is my best friend. I tell her way too many personal things and she tries not to judge me and give me the best advice. Sometimes my life is such a hot mess there is no response for it. She has a 20 month old daughter (Aimsley) who is my life! I am obsessed with her. Every Thursday since she was born we have Aimsley and Aunt Kei Kei Thursday and just hang out all night! Its my favorite day of the week. AND baby #2 is on the way!!! AHHHH we find out in 1 week what this one will be!!! 

I am currently an office manager for a large Construction management company. I don’t do anything exciting, but I get paid pretty good for the amount of work I do so I can’t complain! In the afternoons I like to COOK. I pretty much cook every night! Matthew eats enough for 3 people so I try to keep a pretty good variety! I will be sharing most of my recipes on here! I also cook on a budget and try to keep it healthy! I will share my tips soon! On the weekends if we aren’t at the lake, or attending a wedding (their EVERYWHERE) then I spend my weekends out with my girls (they’re the best) or DIYing! I am always bargain shopping and searching craigslist for something I can make new again. There is nothing like a good ole bargain!!! I like to think I can see the potential in things. I also use this approach when it comes to shopping for clothes. Before I buy a new outfit at the mall I will go to the local boutiques first! If I don’t find something there then I will hit up the clearance racks first! There is nothing more satisfying than getting a dress for 5 bucks that just needed a little love! Whether it be lengthening or a missing button I will take that price for 20 mins of sewing!

Well that’s pretty much the gist of my life! I look forward to sharing my recipes and craft ideas!! Check back daily for more!!! Thanks Ya’ll!!!




4 thoughts on “Hi ya’ll!!

  1. Welcome to wordpress! My tip would be to put your photos on Flickr (or some other photo sharing site) and use the URL to upload them. That way you won’t run out of photo space.

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